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08 June 2006 @ 03:51 am
I can see that you are about up to your ears in ideas. I know you are fixing and changing and lay outing, and, well, revamping everything. 

With Lana's (floydrox) first application and with Nica's (heather1o1), the idea of having sponsers for re-applications has come up. There needs to be some sort of official sponsership somewhere, and probably a sub-community that coincides with it.

Over at fawkes_reunion, people are kwikspelled, so the sponser sub-community reflects that. I have no idea what name the sub-community could have here, but it is something that is looking like it is needed. At the very least, if adding another sub-community seems a bit much (and it may be, as it is seeming that way as I'm thinking about it now), there needs to be some official way of doing sponsership.

I have already worked with Nica, and am more than willing to help any and all re-applicants. Heck, I'd be fine if I were the only sponser that helped with re-applications, but there needs to be something official from you two beautiful and completely awesome Headmistresses.

Thanks! =D
04 June 2006 @ 02:50 am
I want to say first that I really truly love this community already. I want to help in any way possible, because I have never felt as at home and welcomed in any other community. I have liked some quite a lot, been welcomed very well, but you guys top the list. I say this now because I'm very detail-oriented and like to be extremely (read: frighteningly) organized, and I'm actually quite terrified that I'm going to alienate anyone that reads this.

To be honest, however, I like to think that any community that creates a separate comm just for suggestions and problems really truly means it when they say to post here. On that good faith, here comes my big fat suggestion post. And yes, it's a effing novel.

Suggestions about this community itselfCollapse )

Hogwarts Home SortingCollapse )

Sidebar List PraiseCollapse )

Common Room SuggestionsCollapse )

The RPGCollapse )

Master Disclaimer: I am very blunt. I do not, however, mean to personally insult anyone whose graphics, descriptions, or various other things that are mentioned in my suggestions post.
Please come to me, however, if you are offended. I'd much rather hash such things out rather than leave someone with a permanently bad taste in their mouth. That being said, though I really WANT to, I'm not going to include any other disclaimer in the post, or you'll be sick of them. I'm an apologetic person by nature, lol.