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! Hogwarts Home Complaints

Where your voice will be heard

Hogwarts Home Complaint Community
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

This community is for the voicing of suggestions, conflicts, and complaints to the community hh_home. It is important to us for our members to feel comfortable, not only with each other but with the communities associated with hh_home--we want you to know that your voice will be heard. If you have a problem that you feel you need to bring up or have a suggestion you'd like us to hear, this is the place. All we ask is that you respect the maintainers, staff, and your fellow students when posting here. Please be polite and respectful, and we will do the same.

Complaints will be addressed by the Headmistresses and Heads of House, and all persons involved will be informed of consequences or changes after an appropriate decision has been reached. We will approach complaints respectfully and in a timely manner and will strive to make sure everyone is heard and understood. There will be a post in which comments will be screened, meaning that only you and the community maintainers will be able to read them--so there is no need to worry that your situation will become public knowledge. Thank you in advance for remembering to be considerate to your fellow students and faculty when posting in this community.


Please email HHHeadmistress@gmail.com


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